Cutest Puppy of the Day

Cute 14 week Basenji Puppy

Tucker, an 11 year old Chihuahua with Bladder Stones

Update on a Pup with Meningitis

Dental patients

Feline post op dental extractions and fight wound abscess

Post-Op Pet Rounds, German Shepherds, Husky’s and a Basset

Dog and cat dental cleanings and Extractions , Bite wound abscesses

Post op on a cat with middle ear and oral cavity inflammatory Polyps

After advanced dentistry, anal sac abscess treatment and glaucoma testing

Tucker a chihuahua doing well after advanced dentistry and anal sac abscess treatment and glaucoma testing

Post op Rounds with Dr. Matt Belman

Kiya a Czech shepherd with a oral mass before and after surgery

Before Surgery

After Surgery

Cute pups post op neuter

A follow up on a 7 year old poodle after femoral fracture repair

Post Op Cute Poodle Femoral Fracture Repair

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