Free Adoptions Examinations | Charitable Giving

While working as a veterinarian in Utah for the last 22 years I have had the opportunity to use the Pet Samaritan Fund on a few occasions. At Pet Stop Vet Clinic, we have just started a collection and hope to generate funds sufficient to provide examinations, medicines, diagnostics and treatment for pain and shock when pets are critically ill or injured and their owners are unable to pay for any services.

Pet Stop Vet Clinic has worked with various Utah animal shelters including: The Humane Society of Utah and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary  for 35 years. We provide free examinations ($45 value) for all adopted pets and discounted spay and neuter surgeries for contracted organizations. Vaccinations if needed can be discounted by 10% if the owner chooses to follow the veterinarian’s vaccination recommendations . We believe in the human-animal bond and feel our excellent medical, behavioral, and surgical services help to promote pet and human well being.

At Pet Stop Vet Clinic we are currently beginning a Pet Samaritan Fund to help critically injured or sick pets when funds are not available. Please feel free to donate any amount no matter how small.