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Lancing Feline Abscess

Update on a Pup with Meningitis

Dental patients

Feline post op dental extractions and fight wound abscess

Post-Op Pet Rounds, German Shepherds, Husky’s and a Basset

Post op on a cat with middle ear and oral cavity inflammatory Polyps

After advanced dentistry, anal sac abscess treatment and glaucoma testing

Tucker a chihuahua doing well after advanced dentistry and anal sac abscess treatment and glaucoma testing

Post op Rounds with Dr. Matt Belman

Cute pups post op neuter

Post Op Cute Poodle Femoral Fracture Repair

Foxtail Awn in a Dog

Feline Urinary Obstruction, a Bengal Cat after successful treatment

Dr. Matt Belman’s Post Dental Rounds

Dr. Matt Belman’s Rounds at Pet Stop Vet Clinic

Post Op Cats

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